While I usually devote my blog to orchids, their color, variety, and care, today I just have to share a few moments on the joys of having grandchildren. They are actually my first passion, right there above orchids on my list of loves and priorities. I love to watch them and revel in their amazing progress. I treat them to cookies, buy clothes and toys and am there on every birthday. So I was very sympathetic when a friend came to me with a dilemma. She watches her own grandkids and they have asked her to put a trampoline in the yard. They are all of a sudden into this popular pastime and want to be part of the new playtime trend. She doesn’t want to indulge them, as she usually does, because it would compromise her garden. What do I do, she asked?

I, above all others, value the role of a garden in one’s life. It is the first thing I look for in a home, or at least room to put one in. I know that I can’t do with it, especially my beloved orchids. When I want to relax and unwind, I tend to it with great care. Watching flowers bloom is a gift from heaven. Maybe I was the wrong person to ask. But adoring my grandchildren, made me want her to accommodate them.

Looking online I saw that not everyone must install some huge behemoth in their yard. While it certainly would be fun, and kids could jump together, it is not the only solution. Most families limit themselves to a mini version that fits in the garage, on the patio, and even in the house. In fact, you can move it about with ease given the light weight and small size. When it rains or snows, it needs a parent to lift it and find a better spot. I told my friend about it and showed her a few descriptions, reviews, and photos. She was thrilled. A good compromise could, in fact, be reached. Everyone ends up happy as with most resolutions.

I was invited over to witness the new acquisition and had great fun watching the tots bounce up and down, endlessly it seemed. I will have to get one of these gems for my own grandkids. Do I get the same size? Of course. Even an adult can jump on a mini trampoline for exercise and fitness. Gyms are now including them in regular routines. They are fun and burn calories so you go away satisfied that you have had an energetic and effective workout.

For fabulous fun and frolic, and a good way to entertain kids of all ages, yours or your grandchildren, gift the family a mini trampoline right away. It is easy to find a suitable spot and you may even have room in the backyard. Not all of us have enormous gardens!