I could write odes to orchids as I love them so much. Or maybe a haiku. It is shorter and would tell how I feel quickly and succinctly. This Japanese form of poetry is simple with only three lines. You must include five syllables in the first, seven in the second and five in the third. It requires considerably creativity and word play to make it work. Experts can capture special moments in time using haiku. I am going to try my hand at it.

My garden is rich
Beauteous blooms greet my eyes
Purple pink glory

So there you have it. I have always wanted to express my love for this miraculous plant in more than a blog. Having a wonderful. Colorful garden is not enough. I would like to share the fruit of my labor—and this doesn’t mean giving them away! I am taking photos for Instagram so that the world will know, or at least a small group of people. In any case, some days I work very hard at gardening and can’t wait to grab a beer from my beer fridge. If you haven’t seen it before, here is a photo. I watch the set over the garden and drink to celebrate my handiwork.

The blooms closes their eyes
The sun sets on a long day
It is time for rest

Are you surprised that I enjoy a cold beer and that I house it in a special fridge? I have loved beer for some time since a friend introduced me to homebrew. He gives me samples of his output which I immediately place in the small unit for safekeeping until I am ready for a taste treat. I bought the under-counter fridge so I could have more than would fit in my normal refrigerator. It is full of normal things like fruits, meat and vegetables. Beer will keep a long time if in proper containers and I love that it comes out at the perfect temperature.

A beer fridge is a nice luxury if you have some space. Others like a wine cooler instead but this is not my preference. I stash a few bottles in the pantry on a rack for guests. My friends are happy to try the latest home brews. If you like to entertain in a man cave or on a patio in the warm summer air, put out a few snacks like chips or pretzels—anything with salt—and go for it. Good conversation and camaraderie will ensue. There is nothing like beer and a ball game. You can throw a comfortable club chair into the mix to make it extra relaxing.

I am going on and on about beer today rather than orchids for some reason. I could write a haiku on this subject. I have not yet run out of steam.

Cold bright frostiness
The foam will tickle my tongue
The beer stein is full